What are the International Days of Action?

The International Days of Action on trade and investment agreements are taking place in many places across the world. They have been launched by an international alliance of grassroots movements and civil society organisations.

Why should we take action?

Trade and Investment Agreements like CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, between the EU and Canada), TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, between the US and EU) or TPP (Transpacific Partnership, between the US, Canada and various Asian countries) are threatening our social, environmental standards, our public services and millions of jobs. Now is the time to stand up together and stop those antidemocratic agreements. For further information read our call for action and information on different issues in the resources section.

What can I do to take action?

If there is no event taking place near you, you can support the International Days of action by organising your own event. There are many different things that you can do. Organize a public event or organize a demonstration. Here we have collected some further ideas but you might have a great idea yourself.

Who is behind this?

We are a network of activists that have set up this website to coordinate activities in the week of action. None of the events shown on the map are organised by us, we simply provide the space for people to exchange ideas, collaborate and make the week of action a great success.

I’m a member of the press. Who can I contact?

We do not have a media team to answer queries. We recommend you get in touch with the press officer of one of our supporting organisations.