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Trade for the benefit of people not corporations!

Stop TTIP, CETA, TiSA and the TPP! No to the corporate power grab!
TTIP = EU-US trade deal | CETA = EU-Canada trade deal | TiSA = Trade in Services Agreement | TPP = Transpacific trade deal

We, civil society organisations, trade unions, farmers and grassroots activists from both sides of the Atlantic oppose TTIP, CETA, TiSA and TPP. These sinister trade deals threaten our democracy, public services, and social & environmental standards, and jeopardise small-scale quality farming, food and pharmaceutical standards, the indispensable energy transition, and our right and ability to change society for the better. The beneficiaries of these agreements are the big corporations who designed and lobbied for them, not citizens.

In Europe, the movement against TTIP and CETA has grown massively over the past two years. On 6 October, the European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP and CETA will complete its year with over 2.5 million signatories. To celebrate this success and reinforce our demands, we will take to the streets on 10 October. At the same time, thousands will march across Europe, converge in Brussels to block the October 15 EU Summit, and say no to austerity, poverty and TTIP.

In North America, Latin America, and the Pacific people are organizing to defeat the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) likely to be completed later this year or in early 2016. Citizens in the US will be bypassed: Barack Obama was recently granted the power to Fast Track these secret deals through the US Congress. However, people in all of the TPP countries are coming together like never before for a concerted escalation to stop corporate globalization and build political, economic, and social relations based on justice, not greed.

Across the Atlantic, we have seen over the last decades a massive transfer of power from the public to private interests, a push for economic and financial liberalisation, growing inequalities, poverty and environmental destructions. TTIP, CETA, TiSA and TPP are attempts to make these erroneous decisions irreversible. Our struggle to stop these secret deals therefore resonates with social movements resisting austerity, fighting for climate and social justice.

From October 10 to 17, join marches, mass demonstrations or organize local actions all over Europe and North America. Stop TTIP, CETA, TiSA and the TPP! No to the corporate power grab!

We fight for equality, social and labour rights, climate justice and real democracy.
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