List of suggested activities

What can I do?

If there is no event taking place near you, you can support the Days of Action by organising your own event. There are many different things that you can do. Here are some suggestions:

  • organise a public meeting to discuss what TTIP is (universities, schools, public squares, self-managed spaces, etc)
  • organise a march (idea: ask farmers to join you with tractors etc.)
  • take part in your town meeting and make your town declare itself out of whatever free trade deal you are fighting
  • occupy the headquarters of some corporate lobby pushing for FTAs
  • go unroot some GMO crops and explain the link between proprietary seeds, free trade and hunger
  • organise a picnic with free-GMO food, healthy meat and all the delicious stuff that TTIP/other FTAs will damage.
  • make up activities for kids in school (or provide tools to teachers)

Creative Action Ideas

Actions can be as simple as passing out literature or holding signs in a public place, or more involved such as nighttime light projection on buildings or displaying giant banners on highway overpasses. Or consider some of these creative actions:

For more ideas and tools see:

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