How safe is our food?

We, the Dutch YWCA Delegation and a facilitator of the Farm experience Internship, initiate a workshop on global trade covenants and food sovereignty at a YWCA world council in Bangkok Thailand at the 15th of October.

Workshop Title: "How safe is our food?
The access to safe, healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food is a Human right. What are the impacts of a Transatlantic Trade Investment Programme (TTIP) between Europe and the USA on the global (food) safety trade market and food sovereignty in general.(Nyéléni declaration)."

This year a World YWCA council will be held in the same period as the International Days of Action. This council is a collectively empowering environment. There will be 400-600 voting delegates and observers from 108 YWCA associations - a unique mix of YWCA leadership, fundraisers, young women leaders, communications, programme officers, and all leaders and influencers in the movement for the 400-600 women expected to take part from over 100 countries.

With regards,
The Dutch YWCA Delegation.

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